Why Does My Windmill Need A Service?

Your windmill is a machine, and like all pieces of machinery, it will appreciate a little regular attention. A little bit of attention at regular intervals will keep all your windmill in top running order.

Let’s use the example of your car. Most people accept the need to spend considerable amounts of money maintaining their vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, yet neglect giving their windmill the same consideration. Only when the pump stops operating is any thought given to the workings of the unit.

Your AWCA (Q) contractor understands the service requirements and safety aspects of your individual windmill(s). Regular maintenance is cheaper than major repairs, and ensures your windmill will keep operating efficiently well into the future, doing the job it was designed to do.

Your windmill needs to be checked out and serviced regularly. Your AWCA (Q) contractor will organise a time to service your windmill, do the work, tell you of any problems before they become major, and leave you with peace of mind. Your contractor will know the correct type and grade of oil to use in your mill ( and it ISN’T the old oil from the sump of your tractor).

Sure, he’ll leave you a bill, but it’s a lot less than the cost of repairs.